Friday, March 10, 2006

Tessa Jowell

It is all very New Labour isn't it? Mills earns his living advising rich people how to avoid paying tax (which, I suppose, is only for "little people"); he - like Blair - is pals with Berlusconi (a right-wing populist who has a fascist as his Foreign Minister and has links with the mafia); he appears to have taken a bung from Berlusconi (that's pretty much what he says in his letter to his accountant); he argues with the Inland Revenue because he doesn't want to pay tax on the bung (!); and of course there are all those mortgages and hedge funds. Poor Tessa didn't bother her pretty little head about any of this although when she signed the second application form in March 2002 she must have known one of the loans had been repaid, because she said there were no loans outstanding. The constant refrain is that she "has done nothing wrong". It does seem that she - as distinct from Mills who may soon face a charge of perjury in Italy - has done nothing criminal. But is it really the case that if you have done nothing illegal it follows that you have done nothing wrong? Is that what is mean by "traditional values in a modern setting"?


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