Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Observer's Priorities

The Mail On Sunday apparently has nine (!!) pages on the Prescott affair. More interestingly, the Observer leads on it, and has a four-page "Fatal Attraction" pull-out. By contrast, the far more serious Clarke affair is on page three. They do say that sex sells. I understand Blair has given an interview to the News of the World in which he refuses to speculate on Clarke's long-term future (that seems to suggest no short-term intention to ditch him). Is the Blairite strategy to sacrifice Prescott and try to save Clarke? If Clarke can survive in the short-term he can probably survive in the long-term.


Blogger skipper said...

Remember Campbell's dictum about a scandal lasting more than 12 days being reason enough for the minister to be fired. He's had a few days knocked off already and there's more ordure to hit the fan yet...

4:48 pm  

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