Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Apres Moi Le Deluge

In yesterday's Guardian Peter Wilby (a former editor of the New Statesman) argues that Cameron will win the next election and that, for Labour, this is a good thing because a period of Opposition will allow the party to renew and reinvigrate itself, choose a younger Leader, and so on. I have no idea what Wilby's politics are, but this is an argument which obviously appeals to many uber-Blairites, and possibly to Blair himself (the idea that Labour cannot win without him would appeal to his vanity). The danger, of course, is that Labour will not, as Wilby hopes, bounce back and win the election after next, but instead find itself in a long period of Opposition. In the end-game between the Brown and Blair camps Wilby's article does, however, highlight the key advantage that the uber-Blairites possess: Brown needs to keep the party united and in good shape in order to win elections (hence his reluctance to strike); whereas the Blairites can opt for an "apres moi le deluge" strategy.


Blogger dreadnought said...

To suggest that it will be good for the Labour Party to lose the next election is ridiculous. When the party loses, which it will, it will be out of government for a generation and all of us who support the party will be back at square one again, faced with a Conservative government diametrically opposed to everything we believe in. Cameron might be trying to look like the nice face of Toryism at the moment, but by judging from his past it is absolutely assured that over time the old hard line party we know and hate will return. There may be many issues of disagreement with the Labour government but they will be as nothing when the Tories get back in.

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