Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cowboy-fan calls Bush a Cowboy

At a private meeting with Labour MP's John Prescott apparently called Bush’s Middle East policy “crap” and called Bush a “cowboy” (I thought he liked cowboys). Well, he’s not wrong there; that view is widely held (and not just in the Labour Party). The Labour MP for Leyton, Harry Cohen, has spilt the beans (why?); but other MP’s present at the meeting are so far refusing to confirm (one apparently claims, risibly, that he must have been in the bathroom when the remark was made). But if Bush is “crap” what of Blair? Their policy on the Middle East is pretty much the same. I suspect Prescott is a bit Janus-faced: saying one thing to backbench MP’s (which he knows they want to hear) to establish his grassroots credentials; but presenting altogether another face to Blair.


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