Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cameron Trying tooHard

This morning Kevin Maguire on Radio 5 observed that Cameron – in his bid to be likeable - is “trying too hard and it might backfire on him because the voters will not want to be patronised”. In the Sunday Telegraph Matthew D’Ancona muses on Brown’s “toughness” and endurability and says “he is to be feared”. Meanwhile a YouGov poll for the Sunday Telegraph shows the two main parties level-pegging on 36% with the Liberal-Democrats on 16%. Labour could be enjoying a “conference bounce” (strangely denied the Liberal-Democrats) and we will have to see what the polls say in a few weeks time. But Cameron is certainly vulnerable to the “style not substance” charge. On AM this morning he was eager to claim – repeatedly - how “substantial” he is. But if you have to say it…


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