Saturday, February 03, 2007

Manchester to become capital of organised crime

The decision to bring a super-casino to Manchester is a disaster. We all know that every big city in the world has its problems, crime (organised and otherwise) among them. But we all also know that where gambling goes so too do various mafias. Mancheser will be no different. Organised crime will take root on a hitherto unimagined scale. The decision has caused some anguish (particularly among Labour supporters - Skipper (see Links) among them) not least because gambling is essentially a method of fleecing the poor, the vulnerable, the desperate, and the dim. In yesterdays Guardian Alexander Chancellor described the decision as "another stage in the process, begun by Margaret Thatcher, of turning Britain into a much nastier, greedier country...". Simon Jenkins in Wednesday's Guardian asked by what "moral compass" Blair is guided. Blair? The friend of Bush, Berlusconi, Anzar, and Sakozy? (oh, and Cliff and assorted Bee Gees). Moral compass? My dear fellow: money and celebrity. And yet is it not appropriate that the Minister in charge of this is the forgetful Tessa Jowell (who cannot keep track of her multiple mortgages). As is well known, Tessa's husband has had a long association via Berlusconi with "the friends of the Italian opera". Who better to bring the mob to Manchester?


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