Sunday, September 02, 2007

Eton Dave the hypocrite

Back in the 1980's Young Conservatives used to sport "Hang Mandela" T-shirts. How things have changed. At WebCameron Eton "Dave" can be seen praising Nelson Mandela, having just returned from the unveiling of the Mandela statue. If you feel like puking-up go and have a look. Interesting also that some of the posts on WebCameron cling to the Thatcherite catechism: JohnyM calls Mandela a "terrorist" and ThatcherLoyalist criticises Dave's "pathetic expression of political correctness". That is the true voice of the Tories. Oh, and has Cameron always admired Mandela - when is the earliest evidence of it? Did he demonstrate against apartheid outside South Africa House in the 1980's? Was he a stalwart of the Anti-Apartheid Movement? Or did he undergo some road-to-Damascus conversion? And when was that exactly? As Private Eye would say "I think we should be told"... Well, no, we all know the answer...


Blogger skipper said...

Spot on here P'holic. That Blairite sheen is coming off a lot faster than with the original.

2:32 pm  

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