Sunday, February 17, 2008

Clinton/Obama battle helps Republicans

The Observer reports that Democratic Party "elders" - including Al Gore - are worried by the stalemate in the Clinton-Obama contest. If neither candidate lands a knock-out blow in the forthcoming primaries (Texas, Ohio, and, later, Pennsylvania) it could be still unsettled by the time of the party Convention in Denver. It will then be settled by the "super-delegates". (Clinton is arguing that these "super-delegates" are not bound by the vote in their states; Obama that they should vote as their states did). One problem is that if the "super-delegates" decide the outcome it would look like an old-style back-room "fix" (giving the Republicans a PR gift) and also that if it drags on through the summer Clinton and Obama will have damaged each other so much, that it will be impossible to present a united front against McCain. The Republicans will already be preparing for the November election; while the Democrats are still slugging it out to see who the candidate is. Even so, I can't see either Clinton or Obama standing down; so long as either has a chance they will stay in the race. Clinton is also arguing that Florida and Michigan be re-instated; which will be another bloody battle. Politaholic has a terrible feeling about all will be a McCain presidency in 2009.


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