Thursday, February 07, 2008

Flint's startling discovery: there are unemployed people living on council estates

What a brilliant idea! Let's make the unemployed homeless as well as unemployed. That should appeal to Daily Mail readers. Caroline Flint, whose web-site describes her as the "New Labour MP for Don Valley" in south Yorkshire, want's to be able to evict council house tenants who are judged to be not actively seeking work (they can already have their benefits withdrawn). She is shocked, shocked, to discover that so many council tenants are unemployed. Either Don Valley is a very posh place and she has never left it, or she has spent the years since 1979 with her head stuck up her own arse. It takes a Tory - God help us all a Tory, what is going on? - to hit the nail bang on the head. In a letter to the Guardian Justin Hinchcliffe (chair of Tottenham Conservatives) - describes Flint's announcement as "a nasty gimmick designed to appease 'red top' newspapers and others concerned about 'moral decline'". Once upon a time Labour saw it as its role to speak out for the disadvantaged, but those days have long gone...The delightful Caroline is pictured (well, not really).


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