Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cameron the egalitarian

David Cameron says he wants everyone to have the opportunites he had. You can't say that's not ambitious. He is the son of a stockbroker, educated at Eton and Oxford, worth God knows how many millions (he won't say), who owns the mansion in Oxfordshire shown here, and is married to an aristocrat whose Daddy is apparently worth £60 million, and who designs handbags which retail at around a thousand pounds (although her cheap publicity stunt of wearing a High Street dress she wouldn't normally be seen dead in was applauded by a fawning and supine press). I'm not sure everyone could enjoy the opportunities Dave and Samantha have had. If everyone consumed the resources these parasites consume the earth would be stripped bare in a week.


Blogger skipper said...

Well said, Pholic! Why doesn't Oakeshott comment on your leftie analyses?

10:25 am  

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