Saturday, May 06, 2006

The plot against Blair

The Guardian is leading on “Plotters Move to Oust Blair”. It seems there is an “embryonic letter in circulation on the Labour backbenches calling for Mr. Blair to quit”. A draft text of the letter, written by Neil Lawson (who used to work for Gordon Brown and is chair of the pressure group Compass, which describes itself as of the “democratic left”) can be seen on Guido Fawkes’ web-site (see Links). Brown on Friday morning on Radio 4 called for a “renewal” of the party (what could he possibly mean?). This was followed by Andrew (“Our air is not for sale”. Oops. Yes it is.) Smith calling for Blair to set the date. Others who have called either for Blair to go or to set a date include Nick Brown, Frank Dobson, and Nick Raynsford. The question is whether Gordon Brown will decide to strike: Anthony Howard on Radio 4 thought it unlikely he would himself mount a putsch but he “might not be against a putsch mounted on his behalf”, adding that he seems “afraid to strike”. But if he does not act soon it may be too late. The battle for the future of Labour is now underway: the Blairites are manoeuvring to prevent a Brown succession, the Brownites (and what’s left of the left) are manoeuvring to get Blair out sooner rather than later. The denouement cannot be long delayed…


Blogger Hughes Views said...

Don't worry - it'll all come right in the end. Ed Balls and Douglas Alexander are just two of the so-called "Brownites" on the way up. Too many commentators spin facts to suit their stories when making far too much of alleged spats between Mr Blair and Mr Brown. Such stories have always around between powerful PMs and chancellors.

Mr Brown will still be PM in 2019....

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