Friday, October 20, 2006

Who is the smallest one of all?

We have just had a rather animated discussion in our office. Who is the shortest MP? So far the, ahem, short-list consists of Hazel Blears, Ian McCartney, Sarah Teather and titchy Alan Duncan. Which of these is the shortest? And is there anyone shorter?

And for that matter: who is the tallest MP?

Does anyone know?


Blogger skipper said...

My post yesterday didn't publish for some reason. I merely said Mc Cartney was my bet for the shortest followed by Teather. I thought the 'Bicycling Baronet', george Young might be the tallest.

8:55 pm  
Anonymous Dr Maybe said...

Sarah Teather is 4' 10" (Ian McCartney is 5'1"), and Daniel Kawczynski is 6' 9" (and probably tallest MP ever).

6:58 pm  

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