Monday, December 11, 2006

Torturer and murderer, friend of Thatcher, dies.

Pinochet, the torturer and murderer and friend of Thatcher, and, it seems, thief (with millions squirreled away in foreign bank accounts) has died. In 1998 he was arrested in London at the request of the Spanish authorities (some of his victims were Spanish citizens) and faced the prospect of deportation to face trial. He was held for fourteen months under house arrest until a grotesque little charade was enacted, presumably contrived by the British authorities, whereby he was certified unfit to face trial and safely dispatched back to Chile. During his short and comfortable stay in London he enjoyed the support of Norman Lamont and Magaret Thatcher among others. Thatcher continues to praise Pinochet. She says "he brought democracy to Chile". Her idea of democracy presumably embraces such charming idiosyncracies as "disappearing" trade unionists and attaching electrodes to the genitalia of political opponents. Well, that's Thatcher for you. Here she is with her friend and hero in 1998. Two peas in a pod.


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