Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cameron and Drugs

It is hardly news that Tory Toff David Cameron "smoked pot" while at Eton. He has as good as admitted as much in the past. In any case, which of us in our undergraduate days did not? The number of MP's who have admitted to past drug use is, even in these more liberal times, risibly small; one must assume that many of those who deny it are simply lying. Helena Kennedy on AM doubts that it will damage Cameron: he was only 15 at the time, he didn't "grass" on his mates (no pun intended) and this shows that he is a "regular guy" (who just happened to be at Eton!). I'm not so sure (the voting public, like their MP's, are capable of a great deal of hypocrisy on this issue). There does seem to be some inconsistency in Cameron's account. His people are saying that when, aged 15, he was caught and "gated" at Eton that this was a "wake-up call" (with the inference that afterwards he changed his ways). But the Observer says that he is also "understood" to have "occasionally" (how often is that?) smoked pot as a university student at Oxford. That seems to cast doubt on an Etonian Damascene moment. It would damage him, I think, if it turned out that it was not just cannabis, and if it occurred later in his life. Did he take cocaine as a researcher for the Conservative Party (1988-92) or when he was working in the (as I understand it) drug-fuelled PR industry (1994-2001)? So far as I can gather Cameron is denying that he took drugs "as a politician" which, presumably, means since he became as MP in 2001. So far as the period before that is concerned his stance seems to be "no comment". What happeneed between 1982 and 2001? If I were a Labour master of the black arts - an aspiring Mandelson or Campbell - I would be be assidiously digging around. Of course, Labour would be foolish to openly attack Cameron on this; but they could "leak" anything damaging that they might find to "friends in the media". Close to an election would help. Dirty business politics.


Blogger Sam said...

"which of us in our undergraduate days did not?"


1:29 pm  
Blogger politaholic said...

Very wise, Sam. But I can't claim that - in days of yore, you understand, when dinosaurs roamed the earth - I was always similarly restrained. Mind you, alcohol has always been my drug of choice...Not sure that's any better...

3:00 pm  

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