Sunday, September 23, 2007

Free Speech in the USA

Clearly, Andrew Meyer is a bit of a pain (every meeting has one). But that is not the point. The guy is pinned to the ground by four or five campus cops and then - when he clearly posed no threat to anyone (and it seems he may even have been handcuffed at the time) - tasered (i.e. electrocuted). Incredibly, he is later charged with resisting police with violence and disturbing the peace; although the only violence on display is that used by the police. There is a very good post on this at Unrepentant Communist (see Links), who is shocked by the reaction of the other students (although here we can hear several people protesting, and one asking "why are you doing this?"). Why do the cops do it? Because they're a bunch of half-witted thugs. At least Walter Wolfgang wasn't tasered.


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