Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lickspittle Diplomacy

There can be few more disgusting spectacles that Kim Howells (was this why he joined the Labour Party?) standing next to the Saudi King Abdullah prattling on about "shared values". What shared values does any civilised person have with these obscurantist barbarians? It isn't just that they are medievalist misogynists , torturers and murderers (and racists). It's that they have imprisoned and tortured British subjects. But British diplomacy has come a long way since Palmerston. No gun-boats these days; nowadays its arse-licking. As Robert Fisk puts it in yesterday's Independent: "The awful truth is that we fete these people, we fawn on them, we supply them with fighter jets, whiskey, and whores". What on earth is anyone to think next time a British Minister talks about "human rights"? What on earth do Labour Wimmin think about this? (Remember Cherie Blair justifying the war in Afghanistan on "feminist" grounds? Where is she now? Or any of them?). Are we really meant to believe that Wahhabism is a force for moderation in the world? Have we forgotten where the nutters who blew up they twin towers mostly came from?

Here, also from the Independent, is a revealing insight into the values of the Saudis:

"...the notorious religious police enforce values so strictly that in March 2002 they allowed 14 schoolgirls to die when their school caught fire, rather than to allow them to leave the building without the proper Islamic dress..." Shared values?
(I see Miliband is shrewdly out of it. Is this really because of his rent-a-womb adoption in the USA or has he more sense than Howells?)


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