Saturday, October 13, 2007

OK-Yah-Politics at PMQ's

Politaholic has just watched PMQ's (via the Downing Street web-site). It is widely being interpreted as a Cameron triumph; poor Gordon had to endure a kicking. I'm not so sure. Gordon Brown was fairly restrained and focused relentlessly on matters of policy. Cameron and Osborne - to my possibly jaundiced eye - looked like a bunch of braying Hooray Henrys whooping it up as they closed in on their fox. The joke about the "bottle bank" from a Tory backbencher was excruciating and the exaggerated laughter from the Tory benches almost made one embarrassed for them. Cameron's performance lacked any finesse, and certainly lacked any gravitas. He sounded inebriated with triumphalism. One could easily see him smashing the crockery in drunken Bullingdon mode and calling for a wench to bring him another pitcher of ale. It was harder to see him as Prime Minister; both he and Osborne looked lightweight to me. When Brown, at one point, retorted: "This (Cameron) is the man who wanted to end Punch and Judy..." he clearly had a point. It was not so much yah-boo politics as OK-yah-boo politics. Brown was obviously on the back-foot (and of course the idea that the polls had nothing to do with deciding not to call an election is tripe) but on the whole I think he made a good fist of it. In my view, on this showing, the Tories will not retain their advantage. Loud-mouthed and boastful Ra-Ra's are not really very popular. As they say, you can take the boy out of Eton, but...


Anonymous Quinn said...

Glad to read some common sense on the issue. Before watching the exchange I read numerous reviews stating that Cameron had trounced Brown, and everything I have read since talks about Brown getting a battering; yet … it just didn’t happen. Sure, Brown was on a hiding to nothing, there was little he could do but take the assault, and he could do with an extra layer of skin, but he got through it okay. Cameron to my (biased) eyes just came across as nasty, spiteful and personally abusive. The one thing he has going for him is that he isn’t George Osborne; do you think they sit together to make Cameron look good?

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