Saturday, October 06, 2007

Politaholic Nominated for Manchester Blogs

Yes, yes...I'm vain enough to blow my own trumpet. Politaholic has been short-listed for the Best Political Blog in the Manchester Blog Awards 2007!!! (I didn't know about it until Yankunian told me). Recognition at last. The others on the shortlist are Normblog, Skipper, and The Asparagus.
If I were a betting man I would not bet the farm on Politaholic. The front-runners must be Skipper and Normblog. Both are very good blogs and frankly better than my own (Normblog I do not agree with, on Iraq/Israel etc I am prettty much at the other end of the political spectrum, but one can't deny that it is a good blog; he posts almost every day and at length on a range of topics, and although a tough antagonist avoids vulgar abuse. Skipper is a lot more congenial to me as he is an independent-minded Labour supporter, also a very good blog. The Arparagus is new to me; but I have just linked to it and shall follow it in future.

I suspect in truth that there are not that many political blogs based in Manchester (possibly there is only four...?!)

Sadly, it doesn't look as if I will make the event at Matt & Phreds Jazz Club at 64 Tib Street on Wednesday at 7.00 p.m. (I will try).

Anyway, thanks to whoever was mad enough to nominate me.


Blogger Chris Paul said...

Well done! There are a lot more than four poli blogs in mcr. We woz robbed!

11:24 am  
Blogger skipper said...

Well, you did it, so very well done.

5:39 pm  

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