Saturday, September 29, 2007

Manchester Cycle Path

On Wilmslow Road (Manchester) near Owens Park a stretch of green cycle path has appeared. It is in the middle of the road (I kid you not) with a bus and taxi lane on one side, and cars on the other. It runs for about thirty yards and then - like so many so called cycle paths - abruptly stops. If any cyclist (heading towards Manchester) was fool enough to use it, (s)he would have to cut across the bus/taxi lane to get onto it and then do the same further on in order to get back onto the other cycle path (by the side of the road). I think it has been designed with the intention of killing as many cyclists as possible. From this point of view it is a design triumph. Can't say I've ever seen a cyclist use it.


Blogger farhat zaheer-flaherty said...

the cycle path also is up on a kerb and many cars park along here so you're supposed to some how hop up and down onto the raised cycle path whilst avoiding parked cars, drunk student and cars.... tried doing it with my son on the back and my daughter on her bike - not nice

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