Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gwen and Dave

Gwendoline has designed a new handbag. Sorry, that’s Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield, daughter of the Viscountess Astor and the 8th Baronet of Sheffield. She grew up in Normandy Hall (shown here) in North Lincolnshire (it has a 350-acre estate). Times were hard. Mother had to take in washing…no, not really. Now Samantha has designed a handbag. Sam is creative director (whatever that is) at Smythson of Bond Street. In this capacity she has designed Christmas cards at £55 for a box of ten (at Woolworth you can buy 40 for 99p) and a £300 leather wallet. And now she has designed a handbag – a "Nancy bag" (!) - priced at £950. According to the Smythson catalogue the bag is “…handmade in a luxuriously soft calf leather…lined in a rich, dark mauve satin…” Obviously worth every penny. The Smythson catalogue is very interesting. Did you know you can buy four “watermarked White Wove cards with a labrador dog motif” for a mere £26? A “Panama silver pencil” from £7 (for one!)? A “leather make-up brush roll complete with professional brushes and tweezers” for only £275? That’s my Christmas shopping planned.
Oh, and Samantha is married to plain “Dave” Cameron, Tory Leader, the “ordinary bloke” who "understands" ordinary people…He even saw one once… at a distance...through the school gates at Eton...


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