Saturday, October 13, 2007

Politaholic is the greatest

Modesty is my middle name. See this. I am the champ. I have won the Manchester Blog Award for best political blog. Ah yes, I'm the greatest. I sting like a butterfly and float like a bee.

Seriously, I think there are better Manchester politics blogs, but I'm not complaining. I shall boast and brag about this for ever. My colleagues at work are already sick and tired of hearing about it. How they will suffer...

Many thanks to Manchizzle who (I think) organised the event. It sounds like everyone had a good time (aided no doubt by adequate quantities of beer). And thanks to the the misguided fools who nominated/voted for me. The cheque is in the post.

I'd also like to thank my agent, my manager, my body double (Brad: he's my spitting image), and of course God....blub blub...
Here’s a list of this year’s other winners:

Best Personal Blog: Single Mother on the Verge
Best New Blog: Rent Girl
Best Writing on a Blog: Day of Moustaches


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