Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Police State?

No, of course not, not yet anyway. But I have just seen the chairwoman of the Police Federation calling for the resignation of the Home Secretary (on Channel Four news). What the hell are coppers doing meddling in politics? We don't (yet) live in Latin American, do we?

Apparently the peelers are threatning to go on strike. I am reminded of what Dorothy Parker said when told that Calvin Coolidge had died: "How can they tell?". I am not sure I would notice any difference where I live. If I phone the cops in the middle of the night because drug dealers/prositutes are causing a problem I am laconically informed that: "It's not a priority". But then I don't live in Didsbury.

I know, let the Police Federation hold a ballot. They can choose the PM. Only fair.

(p.s. Politaholic posts infrequently at the moment. Pressure of work)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could not agree more Mr. Politaholic. The Police are acting in a way that beggars belief. WE ARE THE POLICE don't you know!? Don't you dare tell us we can't have our money! Arrogant, childish swines. Starting salary £7k more than a newly qualified Psychiatric Nurse? You should be taking a pay cut PC Plod.....

1:17 pm  

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