Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dearlove treats the courts with contempt

Last week two individuals gave evidence in the High Court. Mohamed Al Fayed and Richard Dearlove (the former head of MI6). Of the two Dearlove's evidence was the more incredible. Al Fahed repeated his conspiracy theory, larded with colourful abuse of the Windsor family ("vampires", etc), some of it, frankly, bang on the money (is there any doubt that "Prince" Phillip is indeed a racist?). But Dearlove took the biscuit. In 38 years of working for MI6, he said, he was never aware of the agency killing anyone. Not once, from 1966 to 2004. One can, of course, believe that if one wants to. To me, it is not reassuring that Dearlove should treat the courts with such obvious contempt. As for Di, MI6 were perfectly capable of killing her; and one must assume they had her under surveillance (also denied by Dearlove), but there just does not seem to be any real evidence that MI6 did kill her, and an accident seems plausible. Then again, one never knows. But of the two men - Fayed and Dearlove - the one who gave the preposterous evidence last week was not Fayed. (I suppose some of this stuff is "contracted out" - private is after all, always best! - but some of it must be "in-house").


Blogger septicisle. said...

I'm sure if someone could be bothered they could find prima facie evidence that MI6 has planned on multiple occasions to assassinate or kill individuals, and therefore bring the possibility of a case against Dearlove for perjury. Fayed is a fantasist; Dearlove is a fucking liar.

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