Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cherie Spart the sex goddess

Cherie ("supermarket dash") Blair - a socialist? Give me a break. Apparently Tony rolls his eyes when she says this, as well he might. Over the past week we have had her soliciting sympathy over the size of her mega-mortgages (poor dear, how she must struggle), whingeing about her alleged deprived background (I wonder...), and regaling us with the minutiae of her contraceptive regime and Tony's naked massages with Carol Caplin. I wonder how she squared her socialism with, a few years back, prosecuting a poll tax protestor for non-payment (if memory serves he got a custodial sentence). At the time we heard a lot about the "cab rank" principle...umm... Anyway, in today's Sunday Times she tells us that she when she first bonked Tony she already had two guys on the go: "..that left with me with three men in my life. Tony knew about John but not about David [Attwood]. John knew about David but not about Tony, and poor David fondly imagined I was living a quiet life of hard work in dreary London". Sorry, all this is a bit confusing for me. Anyway, not just a socialist, but a femme fatale. Blokes queueing round the block. I mean - Cherie Blair? ...


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