Friday, July 04, 2008

Arise Sir Vaz

Sky News have an interesting take on Buff (Hoon)'s letter to Vaz (assuring him that he will be "appropriately rewarded") - they think the letter was leaked by Hoon's people, and this because Hoon was angered by Vaz's insistence that the offer be put in writing. Which suggests that Vaz didn't trust Hoon to keep his word. And that he right to do so - since it is being argued that it will now be more difficult to give Vaz his knighthood (Buff's intention being to sabotage Vaz's knighthood). In the USA they have a saying: "An honest politician is one who, once bought, stays bought". Of course, Buff is doing the buying here, rather than being bought, but mutatis mutandis Buff fails this test. Apparently, in the Commons the other day, he looked outraged and hurt that anyone could think he would behave other than with the utmost propriety. He should be on the stage. Meanwhile at PMQ's Cameron was able to make Brown look devious and dishonest; essentially because the way in which Brown won the 42 days vote was devious and dishonest...


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