Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poor John

Yesterday's Guardian had some gems.

From Decca Aitenhead's interview with Prescott:

  • "After failing his eleven-plus, he sent a love letter to a girl at grammar school, who returned it with all his spelling corrected".

  • An old tutor of Prescott's once said: "He has a mind like knitting the cat has played with..."

  • Prescott is still smarting over not being invited by Tony to Chequers. The guest list had "...Lady-Be-Good stamped all over it...Cherie...did all the lists..." Cherie obviously though John too common. I mean, Cherie ("supermarket dash") Blair thought that...

And this from Charlie Brooker: "Imagine a carefree game of frisbee with Gordon Brown at a summer barbeque. You can't. That's why the poor bastard is doomed..". Hmm. Imagine a carefree game of frisbee with Thatcher...


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