Monday, July 14, 2008

Will Politaholic Go to Jail?

Politaholic is a little worried about the furore around knife crime because - speak it softly - I carry a knife (not, I hasten to add, as a weapon). It is a "Victoria" version of the Swiss army knife, and is especially useful when I am cycle touring. But I carry it routinely; I use the blade to cut bread and cheese etc for lunch at work, it has inter alia a bottle opener, cork screw, tin opener, scissors, and a wonderful little thing for pulling tent pegs out of the ground. It could be used as a weapon, I suppose (not by me) but then so could many things - you could put someone's eye out with the pointy end of an umbrella. I carry it because it is a very pleasing object (yes, I know it's a bit nerdy), and one never knows when it will come in useful, as it often does. Am I in danger of going to jail if PC Plod stops and searches me?


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