Saturday, November 01, 2008

Old Man Ross "going on 16"

Martin Rowson is bang on the button: one needs to get thing into proportion. Apropos Jonathan Ross, is there not something odd about a man who must be nearly 50 years old cavorting around like a badly brought up sixteen year-old? I mean, the so-called prank call wasn't even funny. Of course, neither Ross nor Brand will suffer from this. All publicity is good publicity in their line of business and they are laughing all the way to the bank. But really old man Ross - the oldest teenager in town - is a pathetic figure.
P.S. An afterthought on this. There is a lot of talk about the BBC retreating from "cutting edge" programmes in the wake of all this. But there is nothing at all "cutting edge" about Jonathan Ross, unless you count mindless vulgarity. TW3 was cutting edge; Spitting Image was cutting edge; occasionally so is Have I Got New For You. But Jonathan Ross?! Give us a break. What's cutting edge about saying FuckShitWank and falling around in helpless laughter as though this was the sharpest, wittiest comment one has ever heard?


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