Saturday, October 24, 2009


On Question Time Nick Griffin referred to the "indigenous" people of these islands (the English, the Scottish, the Welsh, and the Irish) who have been here "for 17,000 years". Among other failings poor Nick has a slender grasp of history if he thinks the bloody English have been here for 17,000 years...


Blogger skipper said...

Piece in The Guardian today quotes Oxford geneticist Steohen Oppenheimer as saying that 17000 years agoour islands were under an ice sheet. He also says it's imppossible to identify British 'aboriginals' as #we are all quite recent immigrants with multiple waves occurring in the apst 15,000 years.' It seems the earliest lot were Basques who provide the origins for three quarters of our population, then came the Celts 4000 years ago followed by the Saxons.

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