Sunday, March 11, 2007

Levy: victim of anti-semitism?

Lord Levi's latest line of defence is that he is a victim of anti-semitism. The Jewish Chronicle is pushing this line. On Wednesday David Rowan - editor of the JC - was on Radio 4 describing Levi as a "convenient scapegoat" and complaining of "anti-semitic rhetoric". I seem to recall a similar line of defence being employed on behalf of Keth Vaz when he was in a spot of bother not so long ago: in his case he was allegedly a victim of Islamophobia. Rowan claimed "we hear nothing about Ruth Turner's religious affliations". Not so. We are constantly being reminded that her father is a Professor of Divinity. (And Tony Blair's Anglo-Catholicism and possible conversion to Roman Catholicism after he leaves office is a frequent topic of speculation). The whole thing is ludicrous; either Levy was trading honours or not; his religion has bugger all to do with it. Then again, is it so ludicrous? We are hearing an awful lot about how much "stress" poor Levy is suffering. Private Eye has suggested he may be preparing for an Ernest Saunders-type defence, should one be needed. They may be on to something.


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