Saturday, June 02, 2007

Deputy Leadership Debate

Politaholic has been very busy recently hence no post for weeks. Missed a lot: Reid deciding not to run; Gordo's pending annointment, Sarko's victory (and Blair's haste to rush over to congratulate him), Irish elections (Ahern is currently wooing the Greens)...etc, etc.

I saw about half of the Deputy Leadership Debate on Newsnight "Listen Again" facility before the boredom became too great. Here's what I think:

Hain: too pompous. Reminds me of what someone (was it Julie Birchall?) said about her ex: "He went to India to 'find himself'. He should have looked up his own arsehole".

Blears: the problem is not that she is a dwarf but that she is a speak-your-weight machine. No sign of any sentient activity whatever.

Johnson: amiable chap, but My God he does drone on about his working class background. Reminds me of the Monty Python sketch ("That were luxury...")

Cruddas: politically more congenial from my point of view, but then he voted for the war (they all did) and he doesn't seem to have any personality.

Benn: lofty, worthy, slippery, polished. Can't say I trust him. (Don't really trust teetotallers. In beer veritas. In tea not so bloody veritas).

Harman: always thought she was far, far, too posh and too dim for my liking, but thought she did surprisingly well. Quick to distance herself from the war (a mistake) and draw a line under the Blair years. Much more impressive than I would have thought. Paxo's gibe that her main claim to the DL is that she lacks a vital Y-chromosome was a bit cheap, but then again this is something both Blears and Harman do exploit, jus as Johnson exploits his "prolier-than-thou" origins.

On balance, I though Benn and Harman came out best.


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