Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The frozen embryos case

Natalie Evans has lost her case to use frozen embryos fertilised by her ex-partner to try to have a child. The issue was whether her partner, who originally gave his consent, has the right to later withdraw his consent. I suspect the case has been decided correctly in law. Ms Evans has spoken of her "right" to have a child, and of course no one has any such right. Even so, it is very difficult to understand the motives of the man in this case. Relations end, often bitterness and hatred follows (you hum the tune, I'll sing along); but simple humanity might be expected. I suppose his argument is that he is concerned about financial liability, or in 20 years time being confronted by a biological offspring; but without having the power to see inside someone else's head I am sceptical that this is all there is to it. Perhaps I am being uncharitable but it looks like spite. And that is very sad.


Blogger skipper said...

I agree. he was interviewed on PM and it was made clear his former partner would not ask him for anything in the way of care or money if he said yes. That he still says no speaks of a major hurt and resultant spite which does him no credit. He'll not get many pints bought him in his local I suspect...

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