Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Tidings

The British Humanist Association has details of a Ipsis MORI poll showing that 62% agree with statement A that: "Scientific and other evidence provides the best way to understand the universe" and only 22% agree with statement B: "Religious beliefs are needed for a complete understanding of the universe". Support for A is lowest and for B highest among those with no formal educational qualifications (46% and 30%, respectively). Only 27% think that: C: "People need religious teachings in order to understand what is right and wrong". 45% seem to believe in some kind of life after death; whereas 41% reject this. 42% think the Government pays too much attention to religious groups and leaders. The BHA's analysis shows around 36% are humanists "in their basic outlook".

It is worth reminding ourselves of this at a time of year when people - some of whom think it appropriate to wear an instrument of torture as an item of jewellery - will be celebrating the death/resurrection of their Messiah (which, according to their cruel and irrational doctrine, was necessary to "save" us poor sinners, although some of the more zealous of these chaps think that if we don't subscribe to their beliefs we aren't "saved" at all and will burn in hell for all eternity). They apparently think their "saviour" was killed but later came back to life and floated into the sky.


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