Sunday, April 08, 2007

Shock New Development: Samantha Fox Refuses to "Get Her Tits Out for the Lads"

Yesterdays Guardian had an incredible story about Samantha Fox refusing - yes refusing - to get her tits out. It seems that she is, so to speak, big in Serbia. So big that the Serbian town of Croak was intent on erecting a life-size marble statue of Samantha to coincide with a concert she was giving there. Anyway, during the concert fans started to chant that they wanted to see her tits, not unreasonable since that is her forte. The titchy Tory with the improbably large breasts threw a tantrum and stormed off stage - I mean, the very idea - so the plans to erect a statue have been scapped. Samantha is a "lady who lunches" these days, very respectable, you know. Of course, there were all those photographs in The Sun years ago, but you have to understand they were all done in the best possible taste; they were really quite artistic and not at all smutty. Anyway, Sam is a accomplished vocalist these days. Years ago her first pop single was, if I recall, called "Touch My Body". I can't remember which wag suggested that the follow-up single should be entitled: "Now wash your hands". The photograph is a reminder of what a Tory Tit looks like, and even Politaholic must admit that it is quite fetching.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huge music sales in Japan have contributed to her personal wealth. Oh, and the Chavs/Pervs/Mail+Express readers (filthy harlot, leading those respectable middle class heroes astray) that used to ogle her in page3 of the Scum back in the day......A Lesbian (yes, she is now) Tory? I'm sure Cameron wants her on the A-list!

11:25 am  
Blogger Politaholic said...

I had no idea she has become a lesbian. Who'd have thought it? I do remember that she was a Thatcher-cheerleader.

12:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny little article. A little facetious or sarcastic seems to me hahaha
Huge Teen Tits

12:51 pm  

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