Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shock Horror: there are drunk people in pubs

I caught something on the news yesterday about the evils of booze. Landlords it seems are serving under-age drinkers. I dare say some do but the pubs I frequent seem very strict on this and I have frequently seen people refused service for not having appropriate ID, although sadly I've never been asked for ID myself. Even worse however it seems pubs are serving people who are "clearly intoxicated" and they shouldn't be doing this. Eh! Drunk people in pubs? Never! All I can say is that if "clearly intoxicated" individuals are refused service it would cut my drinking in half (might not be a bad thing). The criticism is directed at clubs as well as pubs. Now, its a fair while since I've been in a club, but I think I'm right in saying that most go to a club after the pub, so if clubs refused service to drunk people they wouldn't do any business at all. Politaholic is not a fan of yobbish culture but all this smacks of tarring all drunks with the same brush. Some of us drink far too much but cause no trouble to anyone (apart from becoming a little too loquacious at times). That, as JS Mill might say, is our right, so long as we cause no harm to others. Beer drinkers of the world unite! Cheers.


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