Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trade Unions Threaten Chaos

A bunch of crazed Leninists are trying to drag the Labour Party back to the bad old days of the 1970's - before Thatcher saved the nation for hedge fund managers - when we all lived on potato peelings and trade union barons exercised droit de seigneur with our daughters. These beasts plan to ambush the Labour Party National Policy Forum, and present a series of "demands". What do they want? Well, according to yesterdays Guardian some of the things they want are:
  • scrapping NHS prescription charges
  • bringing hospital cleaning back in-house
  • a new council house building programme
  • extending the minimum wage to 18-21 year olds.
  • free school meals for all children in primary schools
  • a 50p income tax rate on those earning more than £100,000
  • the extension of the "not-for-profit" model to passenger train operators
  • a legal duty on individual company directors to "take all reasonable steps to ensure health and safety"

The bastards! They won't get away with this neanderthal nonsense. Gordon is having none of it. Earlier this week Mr Brown said: 'There will retreat from continued modernisation...". Ah, modernisation - hospital cleaning auctioned to fly-by night spivs whose cleaners are employed on part-time, temporary contracts, paid shit wages, and have no security of employment. No, these trade union bastards are not going to impede modernisation. The Daily Mail and Gordon won't let them.


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