Saturday, November 01, 2008

Poor George

According to Marina Hyde in last Saturday's Guardian poor George Osborne - seen here on the left - was known as "Oik" by his Bullingdon chums, because he went to St. Pauls public school, rather than Eton or Harrow (the good Lord never rests). He appears to have been the butt of Bullingdon "high jinks" (or "hooliganism" as it is known, if you don't have zillions in the bank). On one occasion he was held upside down and his head banged on the floor. Each time he was asked: "What are you?" and his head banged on the floor again (explains a lot methinks) until he came up with the correct answer, which was, aparently,in the unexpurgated version: "I am a despicable cunt" (a view apparently held by a good many Tory backbenchers who find George a tad "full of himself"). Who would have thought Bullingdon thugs could be so perspicacious?


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