Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And the plotting goes on...

Politaholic has just read Miliband's article in the Guardian and has immediately forgotton what it said. Which says something about me, or it. I can remember that there is not a word about Brown: no ritualistic declaration of fealty. Perhaps that is significant (given that the papers are full of signatures being gathered). He says Cameron is a conservative (not a radical, like Thatcher), and more radicalism is what is needed. I'm not sure what being radical means, but for the past ten years terms like radical and modernisation have, in New Labour's lexicon, been synonyms for privatisation. (Maybe it is significant that Purnell seems to be behind Miliband). I suspect voters are tiring of the idea that involving the private sector is the solution to everything (Interestingly, this week the re-marking of SATS tests has been taken out of the hands of the American ETS company, after they made such a complete pigs ear of it). After ten years of "privatise everything" and "involve the private sector everywhere" isn't this doctrine conservative? Wouldn't the radical thing be to question this dogma? Anyway, I suppose Miliband's article means he is advertising his availability, but it doesn't read like a direct challenge. And as for policy, it sounds pretty much like more of the same.
And as I speak Mandelson is on Today talking of Labour being in "flux", of "turbulence" and "uncertainty", and its need to "rediscover its equilibrium". He says "the debate about what the party needs to do" has to take place, etc, etc. He is only trying to help. Of course.


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